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QEnergy is a joint venture company established in 2006 between Lootah BCGas and Al Qudra Holding PJSC to cater to the growing demand for gas distribution, transmission and operation services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. Al Qudra Holding is a leading general investments company that has been setting trends in diversified strategic partnerships for innovative business and industrial initiatives.

QEnergy combines the international and local expertise of Lootah BCGas in the field, with Al Qudra Holding’s capital and business expertise to support the economic growth with professional sustainable service. It will present the energy market with the latest technologies and best practices in the gas distribution and transmission industry to achieve credible economic and environmental benefits.

By taking the lead in the implementation of a safe and reliable natural gas and LPG infrastructure of the highest standards, QEnergy is in a position to power national growth and build a sustainable future in Abu Dhabi.

QEnergy Services include:

  • EPC 
  • Consultancy 
  • Feasibility studies 
  • Training 
  • Operations and maintenance 
  • Natural Gas Vehicles 
  • Transmission and Distribution solutions

Fueled by the power of leadership, Al Qudra Holding was founded in May 2005 with a capital of Dhs 550 million. Since its inception, Al Qudra Holding has proved to be trend setter in investment circles, through the subscription of 340 women in the company, a first in the UAE, and the announcement of the launch of numerous projects after only 6 months of operations.

Al Qudra Holding’s competitive edge lies in its launch of innovative, value-added projects in diversified sectors, capitalizing on its substantial resources – its competent team, its unlimited capital, and its visionary management – to achieve excellence and leadership. Al Qudra Holding is indeed set to become a leading player in the UAE economy, as it firmly lays out a sound infrastructure for long-term national prosperity. 

Founding Partner of Lootah BC Gas and was an affiliate in several major projects in Canada. However, recently Lootah Group has acquired 100% ownership of Lootah BCGas.

Terasen Gas is the largest distributor of natural gas in British Columbia, Canada, serving approximately 920,000 customers in over 125 communities. The company owns and operates 44,100 kilometres of gas distribution pipelines and 4,300 kilometres of gas transmission pipelines.

Drawing on its vast operationally-proven natural gas and LPG transmission and distribution experience, Terasen international provides a full complement of market analysis, gas supply, systems design, engineering, construction, operations, maintenance and training expertise to clients around the world. Terasen also pioneered one of the leading Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) programs in North America.

Terasen International offers technical, advisory and training services that are derived from over 50 years of experience in designing, constructing and operating one of the most complex and continually evolving pipeline systems in the world.


SS Lootah Asia, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UAE-based SS Lootah Group, aims of developing sustainable projects in India.

S.S. Lootah Group, which has varied investment interests across several sectors in the UAE, Asia, Africa and Europe, believes that through S.S. Lootah Asia, it will drive investments into key growth sectors of the Indian economy including infrastructure, real estate services, manufacturing and knowledge economy.

S.S. Lootah Group’s focus will be in developing green buildings in India and the initiative will be spearheaded by its largest of its kind alliance in the private sector sustainable construction domain with a workforce of over 15,000 and 22 experts specialized in LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

S.S. Lootah Canada is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the UAE based business conglomerate S.S. Lootah Group. Over the past ten years, S.S. Lootah International, the global business and investment arm of the group, has successfully established progressive alliances with leading Canadian companies, especially in the energy, construction and healthcare sectors.

S.S. Lootah Canada further strengthens the group’s role as the leading strategic partner of the Canadian business community in the Middle East region. In addition, it plays an important role in identifying investment opportunities that offer cutting-edge technology, innovation and expertise in line with the group’s values and vision towards building a sustainable future.